The V3 System has Rebound, and Compression Dampening along with Height Adjustment! These have tons of adjust-ability built into these so you can get the perfect ride for the street and the track! If you’re planning to track your car soon, these Coil-overs are for you! These are proven to be AMAZING on the track. 

These coil-overs are fully adjustable! With these coil-overs you can fine tune height adjustment, rebound adjustment and compression adjustment! If you’re looking to unleash the performance on your F8X, these are way to go! Let us know if you need these on your car! 

As many of you know, here at SSR Performance we try our absolute best to offer you both the best in value. What does that mean for you? That when you choose SSR Performance not only will you be getting the best quality customer service and top notch quality work, but you will be be getting it all for the best price that we can offer!

SSR Performance has a strong standing 5 star Yelp, Google, and Facebook reviews rating for a reason! We put your car FIRST! We treat your car as if it is your own. If you don't believe me, give us a call today and swing by for a tour of our shop! We would love to show you what we have going on on any given day. We do 30-50 cars a week here at SSR Performance (check it out here for a reason! We are well trusted so every customer that chooses us once comes back time and time again!

For the season of Spring we are offering the lowest prices that we have ever offered in hopes that those of you who haven't already chosen SSR Performance will have an opportunity to checkout our amazing service and become a customer for life! And those of you who already choose us, well its your lucky day... because we will also be offering these specials to ANY and ALL customers for the whole season of Spring!

Give us a call to schedule your appointment or discuss your future car plans today! Don't let your overdue maintenance wait any longer! Remember, here at SSR Performance we offer 100% complimentary (free) diagnosis!!! You can't beat free!

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