Don't let BMW oil leaks hold you back. 1 DAY turn around on most major oil leaks! 


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 Oil leaks are common on the N54 and N55 Engines. The Most common are the Oil Filter Housing gasket, Valve Cover gasket, Oil Pan gasket and the Rear main seal. Not treating these leaks immediately can cause major engine problems, reduced performance and damage other parts of the car ranging from spark plugs, coil packs and injectors. Get your oil leaks fixed now to prolong the life and drive-ability of your car!


ALL OEM BMW Parts Used By Our BMW Trained Techs


• Valve Cover Gasket Parts + Labor


• Oil Pan Gasket Parts + Labor


• Oil Filter Housing Gasket Parts + Labor


 Rear Main Parts + Labor





 Please feel free to contact us for any questions that you may have!
Phone:(800) 438-2808
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