This 2013 M3 is the super rare Lime Rock Edition, its 1 of only 200 that were made.  The owner of this beautiful low mileage Fire Orange M3 brought their vehicle in for SSR Performance to complete the Rod Bearing Replacement Service in preparation of a soon to be installed superchager.  The owner was very surprised to see just how much wear the stock rod bearings had with only 15k miles on the car. 

So you can see even with only 15k miles the stock bearings showed significant wear.  The owner was very pleased that they came in to SSR Performance and had their Rod Bearings replaced with the BE Bearings.   

Whether you have a low or high mileage E9X M3, the S65 engine has been known to have rod bearing issues at some point in its lifespan especially if your car is supercharged or tracked often. Don't wait until your engine fails!   SSR Performance is ready and able to help you and we offer same day service.

At SSR Performance we will help you with all you Performance, Maintenance and Styling needs. Give us a call to schedule an appointment and discuss your options.



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