The owner of this beautiful BMW M4 came to SSR Performance to help complete the exterior styling of their car by adding a set of EMD eMMOTION Lower Springs and SSR Performance Wheels Spacers   

On the M4 the eMMOTION Lowering Springs will lower the height of the vehicle by 1.3" up front and 0.9" in the rear and when paired with the SSR Performance Wheel Spacers w/ Extended Lug Bolts the combination will give your car the flush look everyone enjoys.  

For this specific install the owner requested 12mm SSR Performance Spacers in the front and 15mm SSR Performance Spacers in the rear.

When paired together the eMMOTION Lowering Springs and SSR Performance Spacers will flush the wheel to the body and reduce the fender to tire gap providing increased handling and a more aggressive look that you are looking for. 

At SSR Performance we will help you with all your performance and styling needs. Give us a call to schedule an appointment and discuss your options.



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