Bored with the color of your car?  Change things up with a custom wrap.  At SSR Performance we have numerous custom wrap options to choose from.  Whether you simply want to change to a new color or go matte black for that "murdered out" look.  SSR Performance uses only the highest quality vinyl wrap and with so many colors and styles to pick from you're bound to find something to set your car apart. 

The owner of this Mercedes C63s wanted their car to stand out from the crowd going with a patterned green wrap.  This specific wrap also had a slight texture providing more depth and style.  Along with the custom wrap the owner also opted for a chrome delete, blacking out all the shiny chrome pieces throughout the car.    





If you're looking to change up the style of your car a custom wrap is the way to go. Give us a call to schedule an appointment and discuss your options 




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